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Cats & Dogs Salt & Pepper Shakers & Pots

We offer a wide selection of novelty salt and pepper shakers and pots. If you're looking for a cat or dog salt and pepper set then check out our range. We have cute cat salt and pepper shakers and dashing dog salt and pepper shakers. We have many dog breeds including labrador salt and pepper shakers, terrier salt and pepper shakers, poodle salt and pepper shakers, spaniel salt and pepper shakers, collie salt and pepper shakers and westie salt and pepper shakers. Find your favourite dog breed below.

If you're a dog lover you'll especially like our wide range of breeds. Our salt and pepper shakers include German Shepherd, Jack Russell, St Bernard, Westie, Beadle, Dalmatian, Siberian Husky. New Foundland, Pug, English Setter, Corgi, Boxer, Pointer, Basset Hound, Rottwieiler and many more.

Cat lovers will especially like our ginger tabby and persian salt and pepper sets. 

Or have both. Choose a dog and cat salt and pepper shaker set. 

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