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In the Wild

We offer a wide selection of novelty salt and pepper shakers and pots. If you're looking for a wild animal salt and pepper shaker set then check out our ‘In the Wild’ range. We have bear salt and pepper shaker sets, wolf salt and pepper shaker sets, moose salt and pepper sets, wild boar salt and pepper shaker sets, chipmunk salt and pepper sets and much more.

We also have other animal salt and pepper shakers. See our other animal ranges by clicking the categories on the left. Go to 'Shakers and Pots' and then 'Novelty'. We have 'Cats and Dogs' which includes many different dog breeds, 'Birds and Butterflies' which includes wild birds such as Kingfisher salt and pepper shaker sets, 'In the Country' which includes British wildlife such as fox salt and pepper shakers, 'On  Safari' which includes wild animals from the jungle such as tiger salt and pepper shakers.

So if you're looking for a cute animal salt and pepper shaker set then buy now from our secure online shop 'Simply Salt and Pepper'.

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